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 " A Mongolian yurt (or 'Ger' as it is traditionally known) is a unique structure that can be used for various purposes. They are a perfect example of a space that feels both permanent and secure, yet can still be moved easily, with little or no impact to the environment. There is something very special about stargazing through a yurt’s roof crown on a summer’s evening, or stoking the wood burner, warm and cozy on a winter’s night. Certainly a yurt will evoke the romantic nomad in all of us.”

Yurt Specialists is a family company, based in both the UK and Inner Mongolia. We have been making yurts for over 20 years. All our yurts are beautifully handcrafted. We offer a wide variety of sizes, from a children’s play yurt up to a ten metre diameter ‘Event yurt’. Popular uses for our yurts include: an extra living space, classrooms, yoga/ meditation area, campsite rentals, party events and student accommodations.

All our yurts are built by using traditional methods in the grassland region of our homeland, where they have been used over millennium. They all come with a thick felt lining, and we only use the finest willow, pine and hardwood Elm for our yurt structure. This is all covered with a durable water resistant 16oz canvas outer layer.

We keep yurts in stock in the UK and Inner Mongolia, and can also make to order if you have a bespoke requirement.

We also sell our yurts worldwide and can deliver to most large international ports. Please contact us directly for a quotation. We have customers using our yurts in a wide range of climates, from the Australian rain forest to the mountains of Scotland. We have also supplied to the UK National Trust as well as a variety of schools and community organisations in Europe and the United States.

Buying a yurt from Yurt Specialists means you are ordering a fair trade product, which is directly from the source. We are able to make high quality yurts at very competitive prices. We have our own workshops in Inner Mongolia. We try as much as possible to source all our materials locally and use traditional build methods, which have been used for generations. In particular our Mongolian yurt (Ger) structure is widely regarded as the strongest of the various types of yurts seen across Asia.

Please see our available yurts & prices. You will be impressed. We do not believe in charging for extras. Our prices include everything you need to get the most from your yurt, including a double layer waterproof groundsheet, solid door with padlock, clear PVC windows and spare transparent crown cover.


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